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Located on 4.5 Acres, RPM Metals is state-of-the-art, well-groomed scrap metal recycling facility conveniently located off Route 33 in Wind Gap, PA. Only a short drive from Route 80, Route 78, and Route 22. Please hover over the images for more information.

Scrap Metal Recycling
100 Ton, 70' x 10' Emery Winston Truck Scale
Scale has a digital display where the customer can see their weight at all times. Every customer gets a printed weight ticket from a state certified weighmaster.
Metal Recycling
Concrete Pad
Concrete pad where customers off-load their material- no mud to drive through.
Best Metal Prices
Caterpillar Wheel Loader
Forks- to lift cars or other vehicles or machinery. Bucket- to push materials into piles. Container dumper attachment used to dump containers of sorted materials.
Best Scrap Metal Prices
Car Fluid Draining Rack
Customized fluid draining rack used to drain motor oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, anti-freeze, and Freon from vehicles. Fluids are drained and recycled.
Scrap Metal Yard
Sennebogen Scrap Metal Handler
Sennebogen scrap metal handler used to unload customer's vehicles if needed and for loading metal into shredder chute.
Recycle Metal
Down Stream Magnetic Sorter
Sorts out all the steel.
Recycling Metal
Shredded Steel
Steel is processed to mill ready specifications and ready to be melted and remade into new steel pipes, bars, sheets, beams, etc. To be used in making new cars, appliance, buildings, etc.
Recycling Steel
Eriez Fine-Sort and Pro-Sort Sorting Systems.
Sorts any remaining recyclable metals from any other non-recyclable material.
Scrap Metal Prices
Fuchs Scrap Metal Material Handler
Loads and unloads trucks and process material.
Metal Recycling Facility
Volvo Excavator

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701 North Broadway
Wind Gap, PA 18091
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